Thanks to the EU projects 256 students took part in mobilities and the amount of funding obtained for the school exceeded PLN 2 million. The experience gained from the implemented projects affected the entire school and local community and improved the cooperation with the employers. All school employees were involved in the implementation of the projects, the main tasks were carried out by a very experienced project team. Since 2012, the school has been cooperating with the German school Staatliches Gymnasium “Dr. Sulzberger” in Bad Salzungen and we have been implementing many joint projects. We obtain financial support for this purpose from the Foundation for Polish-German Youth Cooperation. The cooperation involves exchanging experiences, promoting cultural heritage, promoting respect for other people, their religion and traditions. The benefits of contacting foreign friends and establishing closer friendships are invaluable for students. The schools have so far implemented five international exchange projects together in order to enhance such values as tolerance, multiculturalism and international education. Students of our school cooperate with German youth exchanging opinions on discussion forums established as part of the project. This cooperation is a perfect complement to the projects within the Erasmus+ program.

June 2024 - June 2025

Small-scale partnerships in vocational education and training (KA210-VET). The project title is: “Youth at the start  – 5 effective steps to students’ professional success, as a new quality of vocational education in secondary schools”. The project, which is going to be carried out with the I.I.S.S. “Licei Canudo-Marone”- ITI “Galilei”in Italy, covers the following topics: digital work with the youth, equal chances at the labour market,  ecological transport and mobility. Direct project activities will be carried out by 20 people, 4 teachers  and 6 students from each country. There are 3 mobilities planned in the project, one in Italy and 2 in Poland, as well as various workshops and conferences conducted online.

November 2023

Technical College of Economics in Słupsk was a partner in the project titled “Original school for new economy”. The project held by the school ITI “Ettore Majorana” in Grugliasco (Italy) concerned the importance of keeping one’s own identity and being an active European citizen. The project topics covered: the choice of a student’s course of study, the job offers of the territory in which the school is located, the social and cultural differences between the collaborating schools. 14 students and 2 teachers from Italy visited Słupsk for 5 days and cooperated on the project tasks with 14 students and a few teachers from our school. The actions in the project involved meetings, discussions, presentations, lessons, field trips to the Pomeranian Dukes Castle and the Museum of the Middle Pomerania in Słupsk, as well as trips to Ustka, Gdańsk and Gdynia. The students also visited the company A J Fabryka Mebli in Redzikowo, which is one of the companies where our students serve their traineeships.


The staff mobility project ” Professional, open-minded, modern and active teachers – that is developing the teaching staff’s competence in order to improve the quality of the schoolwork at the Technical College of Economics in Słupsk.” 12 teachers took part in 4 trainings in Spain. The trainings involved the following topics: ICT for Teaching and Learning, Multicultural and Intercultural Education, Gamification in Education and Enhancing Students’ Motivation through Inquiry-Based Learning. The project also involved job shadowing. Five teachers went to Turin to observe lessons in ISTITUTO TECNICO INDUSTRIALE “E.Majorana” and share experience with the teacher in this school.


The project “Professionally Active in Europe”. 50 students participated in mobilities in Athens and Valencia. The students of the following professions: economist technician, trade technician and graphic and digital printing technician completed a program of practical vocational training with foreign employers and training centres. They also developed cultural competences by participating in many interesting trips. Students strengthened their self-confidence, learned creativity and openness to the world. Visiting interesting places in Greece and Spain was an unforgettable adventure and a valuable educational experience for them.


The project “The development of professional competences of the students of the Technical College of Economics in Słupsk in the framework of foreign traineeships” – Erasmus +, the mobility of learners and staff in vocational education. The project enabled students in the following professions: economist technician, trade technician and graphics and digital printing technician to complete a three-week traineeships in companies in England and Germany. The trainees acquired the key competences and professional skills, and Europass Mobility certificates that confirm the results. An important factor was improving the skills of using a foreign language.


The project “Foreign traineeships of students of the Technical College of Economics in Słupsk allowed the students of second and third grades to complete their traineeships in England and Germany. The students gained new experiences and professional skills in training centres and companies from various industries in accordance with the education courses in our school, in well-developed countries, expanding theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of the vocational subjects, a foreign language and the culture of another European country. Thanks to the traineeship abroad and the confirmation of acquired qualifications in the Europass Mobility document, students became competitive on the local labour market in the country and in Europe. An important result of acquiring international networks enabling active participation in social life is the new, bold attitude of the students to the world and new ideas from another country.


The program “Internships abroad for students and graduates of vocational schools and the training of the vocational education staff” – Operational Program Knowledge Education Development co-financed from the European Social Fund. As part of the project, third-year technical secondary school students in occupations of economist technician and digital and graphic processes technicians completed their traineeships in British and German companies. The traineeship was innovative, because the students had the opportunity not only to practise the vocational language, but also to familiarise themselves with other work technologies and new solutions in modern English and German companies.


Comenius project: “Experiencing Europe” as part of the “Lifelong Learning” program. Within this activity, students learned about educational systems in: Germany, England, Turkey, Poland and Finland. They improved their language skills, got to know one another, learned tolerance and respect for other cultures.


The program “Foreign traineeships of students of the Technical College of Economics in Słupsk – a chance for success” made it possible to organise a monthly traineeship of the 3rd grade students in the profession of economist technician in Germany and England, which were preceded by a language course and pedagogical support.


The program “Increasing the attractiveness and quality of vocational education in the ZSEiT in Słupsk” enabled to arrange compensatory classes from foreign languages, study visits to workplaces, the purchase of teaching aids and textbooks for professional workshops, and the courses for young people on driving, working as an exchanger, working as a florist, a photographer and a career counsellor.


Lifelong Learning Program – Leonardo da Vinci. As part of this program, students took part in the project “Traineeships abroad of the students of Technical College of Economics in Słupsk – a chance for success”. They completed 4-week traineeships abroad, which enabled them to acquire new professional skills, learn about the reality of work in Great Britain and the culture of this country. The mobility of the students also increased their language skills.


Project: “Increasing chances of the ZSEiO in Słupsk graduates on the labour market “. As part of the program “Human capital”, students of the school took part in lots of attractive extracurricular activities. The computer labs were equipped with some modern teaching aids. We established a cooperation with the German school Staatliches Gymnasium “Dr. Sulzberger “in Bad Salzungen and since 2012 we have been carrying out many joint projects. We receive financial support for them from the Foundation for Polish-German Youth Cooperation. They consist of exchanging experiences, promoting cultural achievements, respecting other people, their religion and tradition. The benefits for students from contacting their peers from other countries and establishing closer cooperation are invaluable. Students have been getting to know each other, exchanging presentations showing their passions and interests, choosing friends with a similar way of spending free time. The schools have completed four international exchange projects together, all of them co-financed by the Foundation for Polish-German Youth Cooperation. 2012 “Holding together, we shape the future.” 2013 “We are different, and yet the same.” 2015 “Heroes who aren’t celebrated – about discrimination during the national socialism and today” 2016 “What are the colours of our world ?” From January 22, 2017 to January 29, 2017 “An idea for no idea – let’s talk in German” From October 8 to October 13, 2017, “Memory about Shoah” – Polish-German search for the traces in Warsaw.