Our school events

Family Picnics and Runs with Ekonomik

Every year, the Technical College of Economics in Słupsk organises picnics for families and also family oriented events called The Run with Ekonomik for all the interested inhabitants of our region. The events take place in June and September on the school premises and they are free of charge because they are financed by the Citizens’ Budget. All games and runs are recreational and entertaining. The picnics include activities for all age groups that are open to local integration. One of the goals of the events is to show the participants some interesting ways of caring for the environment and surroundings, i.e. the city of Słupsk and the planet. 

Initiation ceremony (Otrzęsiny klas pierwszych)

This day has been celebrated at our school annually for many years. It is usually organised at the beginning of a school year. This is the time when first-grade students ‘fight’ to be the best in individual competitions. It may be: karaoke, tricky questions related to the school where they have just started studying. Other tasks may include drinking an awfully tasting drink, drawing a caricature of their class teacher or rope pulling. Sometimes first graders are asked to wear theme outfits on this day. All competitions are intended to entertain and excite first-graders.

The Explory Interschool Science Festival

The Explory Interschool Science Festival (Międzyszkolny Festiwal Nauki Explory) has been organised for 3 years for students of primary and secondary schools from the city of Słupsk. The festival consists of two parts: a competition and workshops. The competition session includes scientific projects in various fields intended for students. The best projects go to the regional and national level of the competition. In the workshop session there are lectures, shows and workshops prepared by researchers and lecturers from academies and universities, with access to a constantly collaborating network of members.

Potyczki Językowe Ekonoma - our school language contest

Potyczki Językowe Ekonoma is our annual language competition in which all the classes of our school take part. It usually takes place in November. In the first stage of the competition, class representatives (3 students from each class) take an elimination test. The 5 best classes take part in the finals in the school hall. During the final, entire classes or selected students perform various tasks that test knowledge of English and German as well as the culture of English-speaking and German-speaking countries. 

Global Entrepreneurship Week - Open company

Global Entrepreneurship Week takes place at the end of November. Since our school is an economy-oriented organisation, this week-long event is especially important to us. The main goal of this international project is to promote professional self-development and encourage students to engage in business activities. Throughout that time, students are able to participate in different study visits to local companies, as well as take part in various workshops and lectures.

St. Nicholas' Day Form Contest (Mikołajkowe Potyczki Klasowe)

Every year around Christmas time there is a Christmas-themed competition. Students of all grades participate in it. Some tasks seem very simple, such as singing a Christmas carol or providing the ingredients of a specific Christmas Eve supper dish. There are also more difficult tasks like answering questions about Christmas customs in other countries. Teams also have to ‘decorate’ a representative of their form with Christmas decorations at short notice, having only a few gadgets at their disposal. During the competition you can hear a lot of fun and excitement but also a bit of stress because participants feel time pressure.

Form Christmas Eve supper

According to the tradition of our school, before Christmas we meet at form Christmas Eve supper. Students prepare a meal consisting of dishes eaten on this special day of year. These include: dumplings with cabbage and mushrooms, red borscht with dumplings, fish, and poppy seed cake. We share Christmas wafer and wish each other well. The time spent together is joyful, full of emotions and good wishes. It often involves exchanging little gifts and singing Christmas carols. After that all the students gather in the assembly hall to watch the Nativity play and sing Christmas carols together.

School Prom

In our school, as in other secondary schools, prom balls, called ‘studniówki” are a long-standing tradition. Proms usually take place in January or February, which is about one hundred days before the high school final exams. The ball is attended by students with their accompanying persons and teachers. Girls and boys in elegant outfits try to dazzle and the most memorable moment is the beginning of the ball, as it starts with a polonaise. It’s a traditional Polish dance danced by high school students, sometimes with their teachers.

Birthday of the Technical College of Economics

Every year Ekonomik celebrates its anniversary. A long-standing tradition includes meetings of first-graders with former head teachers and teachers of our school. It is a time of interesting memories. The other classes don’t get bored either. Some of them have to solve puzzles and quizzes about the school. Students create digital or hand-painted posters in which they express good emotions related to school and their individual associations. There are also sports competitions in which teachers also take part. The celebration ends with a birthday cake and loud singing of Happy Birthday to Ekonomik. Every few years we organise school Reunions. 

Global Money Week

“GMW is an annual global awareness-raising campaign on the importance of ensuring that young people, from an early age, are financially aware, and are gradually acquiring the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours necessary to make sound financial decisions and ultimately achieve financial well-being and financial resilience.” During Global Money Week the students of our school design posters thematically related to the main theme of that year. The coordinator selects the webinar topics in which the young people participate from those provided by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority. After that a knowledge test is carried out at the school and the young people answer questions concerning the webinars they participated in. 

Children’s Day

Children’s Day at our school is a time full of fun. All students of ‘Ekonomik’ usually celebrate it outdoors. Each class prepares a delicious, healthy meal. We call it ‘Breakfast on the Grass’. A special jury, after trying all the dishes, decides who will win. Those who produce the healthiest and most beautifully prepared meal receive a prize – a diploma and something to snack. It often goes with a sports competition for the teachers and students. They are accompanied by music that resounds on the school playground. The best participants at sports competitions receive a cup full of sweets. This is a day unlike any others – without stress, notes and textbooks. Everybody is laid-back.